Tariffs for the GSPP Foundation and the Audit Organizations

Tariffs will be charged for the audits and travelling costs (by the Auditing Organizations), the annual fee for the system (by GSPP Foundation) and the TIP fund contribution (by GSPP Foundation).

Annual fee and TIP fund contribution for 2024

The basis for the annual fee is the classification of the type of business activities the company undertakes, according to the definitions of GSPP. The GSPP board decides on the classification. Per extra site or hectare an extra fee is charged.

Next to this the GSPP Board decided about the creation of a TIP fund. This fund is aimed at executing a Technical Investigation Procedure in the chain of the tomato production in case of a Cmm confirmed infection. A TIP fund contribution will be collected. Each year the GSPP secretariat will give an update and report on the status of the TIP fund.

The annual fee for 2024 is explained in the scheme below.

    Annual fee 2024
Cat Description Membership rate 
(+ 1 site for cat. A, B, D)
Extra Site /
sub­­contractor rate
per ha
A Seed companies
/ distributors
€ 6.730 € 920   € 610
B Seed producers € 3.160 € 510    
C Plant raisers € 410   € 410  
D Other participants € 5.610 € 815    


For 2024 no TIP contribution will be invoiced to the GSPP participants. On a yearly basis this will be decided by the GSPP Board.

The first application of a company is considered after completing and sending the Application and Modification form and payment of a deposit of € 500. This deposit is part of the annual fee charged by the GSPP foundation. The deposit and the rates mentioned in the schedule are net rates. Charges for local taxes, banking costs or any supplementary cost will be invoiced extra to the company.

Newly certified GSPP Participants and certified sites of GSPP Participants are invoiced for a proportionate part of the year for the annual fee.


Tariffs for the Audit Organizations

  Per hour
Auditing related activities* € 176,-
€ 180,-
Travelling time € 89,-
€ 91,-
Lodging expenses Real costs
Food and beverages expenses
Travelling expenses

*) Auditing, reporting and reviewing corrective evidence.
Red figures new tariffs per 1st July 2024.

The audit duration is indicated in the GSPP Audit Regulations.

Tariffs are reviewed annually by the board of GSPP, tariff changes are implemented as per July of each calendar year and are excluding VAT.